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Self-Organizing Economy

Self –Organizing Economy – The attached article is from, a site dedicated to the science of consciousness authored by David Wilcock. I regard it as one of the finest sources of esoteric content to be found anywhere on the web. Here Wilcock comments on a video of a speech on complex self-adaptive systems given by Michael Shermer to the Cato Institute in the fall of 2008. He suggests that we are approaching peak instability in the world’s financial system and, as in classic chaos theory, the system will use the chaotic realignment to render a more advanced system that will function better in resource allocation and transparency. He believes that the internet will be the great enabler of this transformation, allowing individuals all over the world to collaborate as self-organizing emergent agents of change for the better. I have included for our readers the entire one hour video speech given by Shermer and encourage everyone to see it.

Shermer asserts that all markets are bottom-up emergent systems that operate from their own internal energy and cannot be controlled from a top-down fashion from any ruling entity, i.e. governments. He traces the evolution of markets and likens them to the development of so many other complex structures such as law, etc. Through this contrast he makes the case just how independent these structures are to outside forces and just how capable they are to adapting to a higher form, a better order. This evidence is very refreshing, for it shows us we have no reason to fear the radical changes on the horizon. A more refined version of Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” will reveal itself just in time to steer the financial systems and markets into a new and more refined state.
Classic chaos theory holds complex systems emerge after peak instability to reveal hidden order. To that end, Wilcock cites many such transformations that have already occurred that were enabled by the internet. Examples include You Tube replacing TV in the younger generation, Napster turning the music business upside down, The Drudge Report trumping the large networks, Google enabling expansive freedom to pursue information, Craig’s List, E-Bay and the list goes on. The bottom line is that out of chaos new models of transparency and efficacy in execution arise to challenge the existing yet outdated models. These events have reshaped several large industries today already- TV, newspapers, recording labels, etc. Perhaps the world’s financial systems could be transformed in much the same way from an open-source architecture process that may now be in its infancy. If Mr. Wilcock is right, the fallout from this Kondratieff Winter will lead to new infrastructure solutions in global financial markets that will promote transparency, accountability, and better utilization of our resources.

Self-Organizing Economy MUST READ!!

Tom Murassos Radio Show – David Wilcock Interview – Friday 7 / 18 / 08

Is the economy going to hell in a handbasket? Or are we on the verge of a spectacular, uplifting and positive transformation? Read on and find out!


I’m stepping in to fully write this piece myself. I just appeared on Tom Murasso’s Myth or Logic Radio last night, and at the end of the article you can get your latest free 100-minute cruise on our cosmic flux-liner. This piece provides greater context and depth for our discussion on the radio.

We have been saying for some time that the economy was going to go through significant changes. I’ve had prophecies about this ever since I first started doing the readings back in the mid-1990s.

I was notified about three weeks ago that some really heavy changes were coming in the near future, and I’ve watched it all unfold faster than I expected it would. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you should check your pulse.

The time window I was given, as of the beginning of July, was about three months — that there would be substantial, historic changes, all across the board, prior to Election Day.

I have since seen other insider data that correlates with what I had received, and it makes sense. If Obama wins the election, the globalists have taken a huge kick in the crotch they may not be able to recover from. Therefore it is only logical that they will scramble like mad to do whatever they can to strengthen their position — and their assets — before then.

Just so that we’re clear, my data suggested that major changes in the American government and military-industrial complex will be taking place… as in a substantial restructuring that will eliminate much of the negativity that now plagues this planet.

I do not know whether this refers to the literal collapse of the federal government as we now know it — I doubt that this will ever completely happen — but I am seeing what amounts to a much greater degree of international cooperation than exists on the Earth now.

I was shown that this was a good thing, not a bad thing, because it helps us resolve our differences on many levels by pulling together in a common need.


Admittedly, I’m under heavy pressure from my Higher Self to put this material out, and I can’t say I’ve been looking forward to it, because if you don’t take the time to read what I’m saying, you’re probably not going to see that this is a good thing.

Unfortunately, this idea that a sudden, radical, catastrophic change of living conditions will occur has always dominated the UFO/metaphysical circuit. This goes all the way back to Art Bell’s advertisers in the mid-1990s wanting to sell you hand-cranking AM radios, gold investments, non-perishable food storage and other such things.

Of course, in the good old days it was y2k, the Year 2000 computer bug. Then it was 5/5/2000. Then it was Planet X on May 15, 2003. There have been many other false alarms since then, often from “insiders,” saying that everything was going to fall into ruin. One of those projected economic collapse periods was this past January and nothing happened.

So, I want to make it very clear that the FEAR is usually a lot worse than the reality. You can panic and freak out if you want to — and certainly you shouldn’t blatantly neglect the obvious things you can do to help protect yourself — but we will continue to discover that our systems are far more robust and malleable than we may have ever imagined, for reasons I have discussed before and will cover here again.

We have vivid cultural memories of stockbrokers jumping off the Empire State Building in 1929, but what we forget is that life goes on in the midst of these changes.

Look throughout history and you’ll see that things re-arrange every time. That’s what this whole consciousness shift is about. It’s like having a final exam and not being able to see past the final, when you will go back to your regular life. All you can do is focus on the test and stress out about it.


It has long been a fantasy of the “Illuminati,” as some like to call our planetary elite, that they could fashion a global economic collapse and then take over in the aftermath. Of course, many people could conclude this is what is happening now.

I beg to differ. If you study Chaos and Complexity Theory, you’ll run across the notion of “complex adaptive systems.” A complex adaptive system is any system in which individual agents, with freedom of movement and behavior, interact in groups. The larger the group, the more complex the system becomes. The quantum, fractal weirdness of “chaos theory” then ensues.

To provide proof that our intelligentsia have studied this in great detail and applied it to many different things, here’s a 10-minute video clip of Michael Shermer addressing the Cato Institute about the concept of “self-organizing criticality” as it relates to economics:

Jan 22, 2008: Michael Shermer on evolution and capitalism

So what is criticality? It represents the moment at which a system, such as an economy, reaches peak instability. What’s so weird about this new science is that when such a moment arrives, the entire system takes on emergent properties.

This means things start to emerge that were never seen before — like a beautiful, unique snowflake emerging from a drop of water as it freezes.

These emergent properties are self-organizing. There is no outside mind looking down on the system and moving the pieces around — the system self-organizes to a higher level of order and complexity, thus evolving.


One of the simplest systems to study is a sand pile as it forms. With a computer program, you can simulate the activity of each individual grain of sand as the pile grows.

Most of the time, you can precisely predict where a particle will go, and how fast it will go there, on your computer. But, as the system starts to collapse — to destabilize — something very strange happens.

You can no longer predict the position, the direction or the velocity of any given agent within the system. The entire pile acts as if it were one entity, and you literally cannot determine what will happen next.

At this point you get a spontaneous, chaotic realignment of the system — in this case, an avalanche — which then immediately reorganizes the pile into a higher level of order and complexity.

The pile becomes larger and regains its classic shape, but in a newer, higher, better-organized form. The entire system evolves to a higher level of complexity.

The case of the sand pile is only the grossest physical example of something that predominates in any complex system… and there is ample evidence to prove that this happens in every case, whether it’s biological life, geology, consciousness or economics.


There is one important detail I left out thus far in my discussion of complex adaptive systems and self-organizing criticality. Namely, as the system reaches criticality — i.e. the ‘collapse’ point — single agents within the system can become the turning-point upon which the entire system reorganizes itself.

In the case of the sand pile, you may have many hundreds of thousands of grains of sand in that pile. And yet, with supercomputer simulations, we now know that a single particle of sand can determine exactly how the pile re-organizes itself.

This is the computer-simulated proof for the idea that the flap of a butterfly’s wing in the Western Hemisphere could cause a typhoon in the Eastern Hemisphere.

When we’re dealing with an economy, those single agents within the system would obviously be people. And if the scientists are right, then there should already be plenty of evidence that this is happening, and therefore will continue to happen.

The Internet has provided a robust new “medium” for these emergent properties to occur. Here are a few of many examples of how single agents within the system are utterly transforming the ‘old world’ as it collapses all around us:

Napster: Initially traced to a single agent — Napster, then Kazaa — the youth culture is now completely hooked on stealing their music. (I have never done this, as you definitely take a karmic ‘hit’ for it.) As a result, the entire music industry — which was heavily compromised by the elite to manipulate the public — is now in terminal decay. The film industry is also in trouble, which is why every DVD you rent now tries to guilt you into not stealing movies.

Apple: A mere handful of years ago, Bill Gates rescued Apple from bankruptcy so he’d still have some degree of competition for Windows. Now Apple has taken over what money remains to be made from music downloads with Itunes, Ipods and now the Iphone.

Craigslist: A rarely-if-ever-seen figure named Craig has single-handedly destroyed the most powerful financial support for the entire newspaper media system — the classified ads. Let’s not forget this entire system was heavily dominated by the power elite as a means of propaganda, going back to projects like MOCKINGBIRD.

YouTube: A small-scale start-up business has now virtually wiped out the younger audiences for television, another area of media that is almost entirely compromised by the elite. I just saw a recent study saying the average age of a television watcher is now 50. Hence, you see many, many pharmaceutical ads on TV.

Drudge Report: Matt Drudge’s website, Drudge Report, dominates all American media and he has never been able to be controlled by the power elite, much to their dismay. Mainstream media must follow Drudge’s whims if they want to stay relevant.

Huffington Post: Adrianna Huffington single-handedly built a website that is now the focal-point of left-leaning media — again outside the hands of the elite to control. If she gets mad at you and writes about it, God help you.

Perez Hilton: Shockingly un-funny, immature and hurtful attacks against public figures took a no-name website and turned it into a major force affecting all paparazzi media. If Perez turns on you, your career can take a nose-dive. If he likes you, miracles can happen. Perez is almost singularly responsible for Amy Winehouse becoming the latest paparazzi sensation. About the only positive of this emergent property is he is anti-drug and has made it very un-cool to be an addict.

Free Porn: According to Illuminati whistleblower Svali, pornography was another major source of financing for the power elite, and highly compromised at the top levels. Now the market is in catastrophic decline thanks to certain websites hosting free streaming video, generated and / or uploaded by the users themselves.

Google: another private company that is at least predominantly outside of elite hands has grown to completely dominate the search-engine market. They are rapidly expanding into many other areas — including buying YouTube and releasing their own upcoming competitor to the Iphone.

Free Internet? Most importantly, Google is trying to be as quiet as possible about buying up all the “dark fiber” in America — i.e. fiber-optic cables laid down in the dot-com boom but never used. It is very likely that they plan to create free, unlimited broadband access for the entire country.

Why? The revenue it will generate — even in a minimally-invasive form for the end-user — should more than pay for the cost. In the process, big media companies would be further destroyed by the loss in revenue. They also appear to be investigating using the electrical power grid as a backup Internet delivery system, based on certain reports of their activity.

Ron Paul: Though he did not win the Republican nomination, Ron Paul’s candidacy had all the qualities of a complex adaptive system with self-organizing emergent properties. His constituency self-organized to raise him over 34 million dollars, and gave him the publicity to create an incredible sensation everyone was talking about, substantially increasing public awareness of the reality of a negative elite behind the scenes. Once the globalists fall, many will credit Ron Paul for giving a very healthy shove in the right direction.

Oprah: Granted, her emergence was in television, but with her vast audience, built up over many years, and a slick integration of the Internet for her audience to hear more, she possesses the power to effect great personal and spiritual change for many. Her official endorsement of Obama was arguably the pivotal event that differentiated him from the wealth of contenders.

The Internet is the common denominator in every one of these systems, and Obama’s candidacy is the latest “emergent property” to develop from a system reaching peak criticality. Over 250 million dollars have been raised by harnessing the power of the Internet.

All of these cases provide tangible proof that the old-world method of top-down management and disguised control over the flow of media and information is falling apart. You may spend millions of dollars building up a public figure, and now Perez can attack them and blow your investment single-handedly… and this is just one of many examples.

Music, television, movies, newspapers, magazines, you name it… everything is changing faster than it can be controlled. This will only continue — and our lives will be better and better for it.


Another key tenet of complexity theory is sensitive dependence on initial conditions. Each system is built from very simple principles, and the most minute variations in how those “initial conditions” are designed can lead to huge effects down the road.

Look at the difference between the PC and the Mac. Each PC has a legacy of technology in it that really shouldn’t be in there — holdovers back from the days when you used a modem to call up other people’s computers and access their hard drive as a “bulletin board service,” or BBS. This is one of many reasons why PCs are so vulnerable to viruses.

Apple designed a whole new system, throwing away the blueprints, and took the time to build the initial conditions properly. Now they have a system that hasn’t suffered a single successful virus attack since 2006 — without any protection programs or monthly updates required.

Obama built the most sophisticated Internet fundraising machine ever seen, and it led to profound results no one in the negative elite ever expected. A healthy push from Oprah didn’t hurt either — and we are only starting to see the scope of her force for good when it comes to social change.

The United States had a simple constitution that emphasized the preservation of free will, and it has provided a remarkable focal-point to offset things from getting far worse than they already are. The initial conditions of any new financial system should be carefully considered for that same reason.


So again, the Internet has become the playing field in which truly ‘fractal’ systems can finally form to replace the tired old ones. Far too many of us are failing to see how these same principles apply just as much to the financial system as they have to newspapers, magazines, television, the music industry, the porn industry and now to politics.

Granted, we’ve grown accustomed to thinking of our financial system as this shadowy, dark world where all sorts of shady practices take place. If you try to go after it, the system fights back.

As an example, the “Live 8″ event was a worldwide gathering of the ultimate Who’s Who list of recording artists from the music industry coming together to point the finger directly at the global elite and demand they do more to feed the world’s poorest people.

It came as no surprise to me that the same city where this event was centered — London — experienced a devastating “terrorist” subway bombing just days later, on 7/7. This was no coincidence. It was a message like the Kennedy assassination — “DO NOT TRY TO STOP US OR WE WILL KILL YOU.”

Here’s the problem. You piss people off too much and they get brave — they are willing to take a risk. Consider the story — and watch the video — of Ann Withers, a seemingly docile grandmother who bravely attacked armed robbers with a broom… and won!

“Armed with claw hammers, two hooded youths walk brazenly into a convenience store for an early morning robbery.

But as these astonishing CCTV images show, they hadn’t reckoned on bumping into shop assistant Ann Withers — who brushed away their violent crime using a broom.

The brave 55-year-old grandmother grabbed her weapon of choice and battered the hooded duo into submission, forcing them to flee empty-handed.”

Watch Grandma kick some @$$!

All the power the negative elite have is built upon the illusion that they have much greater ability to hurt us than they really do. It’s all a game of fear — how can you create the greatest dread and ‘terror’ in the public with the least amount of real effort or expense.

They openly shared the way they work by disclosing the so-called ‘Shock and Awe’ campaign for Iraq — in which a fiery night of bombing, blowing off a good part of our entire arsenal in one shot, was supposed to shock everyone into surrender, thinking it was just the opening salvo rather than the finale.

Once emergence starts to happen — and I believe it very naturally will as events worsen — no one will need to do anything. The movement will arise spontaneously, as a self-organizing phenomenon, from the public itself. And they will not take it anymore.

The Internet has collapsed the hidden politics of controlled media and everyone knows what’s going on, whether they like it or not. As Benjamin Fulford has said, quite rightly, “There’s very little time left before these people will be dragged out into the streets.”

My readings have been talking about this ever since they started in 1996, and I’m in the process of refurbishing old links on this website that will blow your mind with their prophetic accuracy and relevance to today. This will be shared in future updates coming very soon.


Thus, it shouldn’t be hard to see that our current financial system is the next big target to be transformed by the rise of the Internet.

If you, the taxpayer, get audited by the IRS, they demand a full, open accounting of where every one of your dollars went. If you run a corporation, you theoretically give a detailed statement to your shareholders of exactly where all the money is going.

And yet, everyone now knows that our governments and military-industrial-media conglomerates are not following these same principles. In fact, “creative accounting” like we saw at Enron is far more common than most would ever believe.

That’s why the media didn’t pursue the Enron story any more than they did — the investigation trail would ultimately lead right into their own backyards.

And now it’s too late. When people realize they’ve been had, amazing things will happen. According to Fulford, this is why many other countries have banded together to weaken the dollar, and the American economy, so that this mass realization would take place. It’s the only way to get the message across.

When situations deteriorate strongly enough, which is now just about upon us, the people will demand open and honest accounting that everyone can log in and monitor themselves from any web browser.

Read it: Full Transparency. Every government. Every corporation. Everything visible for all to see. No black budgets. No hidden accounts. Exactly what the IRS already expects from every taxpayer.

The more links you click on, the deeper into the nest you can look. No hiding places or “slush funds” disguised as as a raft of orders for 700-dollar claw hammers, or a charity fund that money mysteriously disappears out of.


The entire financial system can easily be restructured with the technology that is available. Just as the elite have been slipping and falling in every other area, when times get hard enough, they won’t be able to maintain control of the economy either. The Internet can totally transform the economy just like it has changed everything else.

Furthermore, let’s not forget that the people will demand that the economy continue. That may well mean that it is completely re-invented. This will very likely be a populist revolution, with the weight of support falling in favor of the individual keeping his assets, while many of the grossest corporate offenders will be completely flattened. No one in the public will tolerate any less.

Money is simply a medium of exchange that is assigned value based on a collective shared agreement. That agreement could be for beads, shells or quartz crystals.

And with all the emergent properties involving the power of the Internet, it is ludicrous for the usual Illuminati suspects to think they can gain control of this system. The outcome of self-organizing criticality cannot be seen in advance, and it can center on any agent within that system.

Thus, the Internet has now left the power elite completely exposed and powerless against the masses — all that remains is the final spark to get the masses to organize and take them down.

Benjamin Fulford’s testimony suggests this change is well underway with an international coalition that has been deliberately collapsing the US economy to wrestle control out of the hands of the elite — once and for all.

This is why it should be obvious that these Armageddon-type notions of no one being able to drive a car, get food or water, et cetera are simply not realistic. Our economy is an unspeakably complex system, and any agent (i.e. person in this case) within that system is capable of becoming a major focal-point that the entire system changes around.

Though I can already hear bullets zipping past my ear, I suggest that there is real synchronicity behind the timing of Obama’s rise to power in the midst of this chaotic situation, for that very reason.

Yes… he is playing the political game, with the help of Democratic party leaders, to win the election. Yes, he is saying things that appeal to both sides, because he wants to preside over a United country.

That doesn’t change the fact that we have credible insider testimony saying he is not in the hands of the power elite, and my own highly reliable intuitive data repeatedly telling me that he will be a major force for good in the world, and recognized as such in the passage of time.

Do I know if Obama will become president? No. The future is never completely fixed in any one direction. However, it’s not an impossible stretch to see how this single agent could be introduced to a pivotal part of the system at a pivotal moment — i.e. sensitive dependence upon initial conditions.