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Prosperity Secrets

Secrets to Prosperity during a Kondratieff Winter

During the difficult Kondratieff Winter period many of us feel sometimes that the prospects for our own prosperity are hopeless, but that is just not true. No matter what occurs on the macroeconomic landscape, we are always in charge of our own prosperity so long as we believe in the universal laws that govern prosperity. They are very real and we want to introduce some of these universal laws to our readers today.

For most of my life I was clueless to the principles associated with prosperity until I discovered the works of Catherine Ponder, the best-selling author of prosperity of all time by a wide margin. Her books on prosperity have been bestsellers for four decades and she has become perhaps  the most popular author you never heard of because her wonderful material has not been featured so much in the mainstream press.  So I want to elaborate on her wonderful approach to prosperity to open new avenues for our readers. The Ponder material is unlike any I have seen expressed and it’s so easy to appreciate intuitively.

I want to strongly recommend that everyone become acquainted with the Ponder material. She has written so many books over a forty year career as a best-selling author but I have found two that stand out above the rest. The Millionaires of Genesis is a masterpiece that showcases the secret knowledge held by the ancient Hebrews regarding prosperity and the use and function of money in a society. Here our readers will discover that each chapter of the Old Testament featured ageless wisdom regarding the affairs of money and prosperity that have been largely lost for thousands of years. But they do make intuitive sense to those who choose to listen.

The second Ponder book I would strongly recommend as required reading for prosperity secrets is The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity. This book is much larger and is replete with perhaps the greatest single collection of prosperity truths than any other book ever printed. A wide range of issues are addressed here that includes the importance of tithing, the very source of our prosperity, and the critical importance that our beliefs have upon our abundance. I recommend reading the Millionaires of Genesis first because without that core knowledge some may find the blessings put forth in the core material from Ponder too difficult to accept because they may seem too good to be true. She begs to differ. If it’s too good to seem true, then accept it as the destiny you created with your thoughts, words and deeds.

One day the majority of humans will understand this one single truth- each of us can create our own prosperity no matter what external conditions are present so long as we focus entirely on the good he expect to happen to us. It’s just that simple, and it’s also just that hard. Today so many of us are unemployed or underemployed or on the fringe at our jobs so it’s more important than ever for us to seek out these prosperity secrets so we can become the best and happiest we can be. Several years ago I was so upset at the direction of our country and our world I became agitated and despondent about my future. I am grateful for this wonderful Ponder material that has helped so much and I hope our readers can benefit as much as I have. To that end I have attached here a compilation I have put together from many of her books on the very best affirmations. They are positive, insightful, and exceptionally effective in helping you create your own prosperity. Please read on and I hope everyone can use this to better their lives.

Prosperity Affirmations – Say these aloud and with passion!

These affirmations are some of the best taken from Catherine Ponder’s books:

Jehovah-Jireh protects, prospers, and provides for me! I dwell only upon divine substance in a peaceful mind. I am! I am! I am!

I invite the powerful, loving substance of the universe to produce my abundant supply now. Infinite wisdom guides me, divine love prospers me, and I am successful in everything I undertake. I dig wells of abundance in consciousness.

I am open and receptive to the vast wealth the universe has for me now. Rich ideas and results will come my way.

I do not depend on persons or conditions for my prosperity. God is the source of my supply and God provides his own amazing channels of prosperity to me now.

I no longer strain and strive. I tithe and thrive. As I freely give my tenth to God, I reap a hundredfold increase.

I am the prosperous child of an abundant universe. All that I need for my growth and to help others is available to me. I am drawing to myself an abundance of health, happiness, harmony, and financial security.

I hasten my prosperity through picturing it in clear and defining terms.

I am open and receptive to the lavish abundance that my heavenly father has for me now. I am beautifully and appropriately clothed, transported, and supplied with the substance of the universe now. I am receiving the lavish abundance that my heavenly father has for me now.

This I affirm! This I believe! This I claim! This I declare! This I expect!

i am receiving now. I have been giving and I now balance that by being willing to receive all the good that has been accumulating for me.

I give thanks for the immediate and complete payment of all my financial obligations. I have faith that with God’s help they will all be paid. I bless my wallet, my bank account, and all my possessions.

Joy! Joy! Joy! My life is now filled with Joy!

Seven Success Attitudes (excellent to practice before taking on a project)

1. Let there be light- ask to be enlightened.

2. Let there be firmament (faith and confidence) your plan will work.

3. Let the light and inner convictions that have already arisen now be gathered in one place picturing the best result possible.

4. Let there be divine understanding in me so that my higher mind leads my will

5. Let there be divine judgement and discrimination. I know what to do and I do it

6. Declare: Behold- it was very good! Validate the plan and suppress doubt and fear

7. It is done! Let go, let God. After completion, allow divine intelligence to take over and arrange the invisible elements in due time.

Rectifying Affirmations

(for help with the challenges we face in our lives)

i won’t get upset at apparent injustices. I refuse to be disturbed. I can’t wait to see what good is coming from this!

All that has offended me I forgive. I forgive positively everyone. They are free now and I am free too with divine indifference.

I adhere to the success law- be undisturbed by a situation and it will dissolve from neglect.

The forgiving love of the universe has set me free from all mistakes of the past or present. I face the future wise, free, and unafraid.

Through non-resistance my life becomes frictionless and my growth is without pain. When I encounter differences with others I choose to focus on our similarities not the details of our differences. I now rejoice at the prospering power of agreement.

When I am fighting something unpleasant or difficult in my life I will rest my overworked mind and instead dwell upon the problem constructively by applying love and peace to the situation and imagining harmony and success. I will resist fighting, manipulating, or forcing the changes.

Father, I give thanks for the abundance of prosperity I have been blessed to receive. I am co-creating a wonderful future for myself that is full of abundance.

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