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Our Purpose

History repeats itself over and over for reasons elusive to most. Since the Industrial Revolution severe economic depressions and stock market crashes have occurred at regular intervals yet each time most people were caught off guard. The shocked masses weren’t prepared because each economic winter or market crash was viewed as an outlier event, a rogue wave that was unforeseeable. They weren’t aware of certain truths about market and economic cycles that aren’t as obvious yet hide in plain sight.

Our purpose is to enlighten everyone about some of these suppressed truths that still hide in plain sight today. These truths can escape from the shadows and be better processed when seen through the lens of the intelligent design permeating long wave economic super- cycles. Our approach is to use the Kondratieff Wave theory as a model to relate to our readers how the universal laws of nature influence markets, economic output, and human affairs. The Kondratieff Wave is ideally suited for this because it’s the single economic worldview that fully embraces these natural laws.

The K-Wave’s theme is clear- recurring cycles of boom and bust in capitalist economies occur every 60 years or so through a process of creative destruction and this cycle of destruction and renewal is essential to any evolutionary process. The inflection point for the economic evolutionary process occurs during the final stages of the winter phase of the Kondratieff Wave cycle. In the fall of 2010 we have just begun this final climatic cycle phase that is expected to bring great hardships to many. But we can look forward to a Kondratieff Spring in just a few years that will usher in a new economic cycle marked by the serial improvements brought about through the progressive nature of the “creative destruction” of the preceding winter.

Over the centuries, greater overall prosperity has been gained through this cycle because it assures the extinction of outdated products, processes, and dated human perspective. We also contend that there’s a striking correlation between cycles of economic and human evolution through the ages and have provided material here suggesting that the most transformative period of mutual human and economic renewal are manifesting together now, right on our watch. Thus we have much to be excited about and can expect great things to happen from this renewal.

Given this, we decided our theme should emphasize the progressive nature of the K-Wave theory instead of a doomsday approach more associated with a Kondratieff Winter theme. Although many are attracted to this site to confirm their worst fears about a global financial meltdown, we hope they will come away with an elevated appreciation of the dynamics within features of the K-Wave so they will see that a spring renewal season is soon forthcoming. We intend to provide an outlook more helpful and hopeful that allows our readers to be inspired rather than fearful. We hope to show that change, even radical change, is often good for our well-being.

Our approach to the Kondratieff Wave may be unconventional, but we felt a compelling need to communicate the relevance of this theme. Public policy at the national level has for too long ignored the wisdom offered through the study of economic super-cycle theory and we all pay a heavy price for such ignorance and arrogance by our elected officials. The public needs answers and solutions on these crucial matters that have also been ignored for too long by a mainstream financial press unwilling to seek or report the truth on these matters. We hope you will find our “unified field” theory to understanding the capital markets more compelling than the standard fare and will be motivated to be pro-active in pushing for the changes needed. Please enjoy, contemplate and feel free to send us your comments. We also encourage a lively debate and discussion in our forum section off to the right.