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Sitemap Overview

Here’s a brief outline of the content provided in each tab:

After tracing the path of how the site was founded in the Genesis tab, we set out to establish some of the principles underlying these higher truths. We first introduce the Kondratieff Wave super-cycle to establish its relevance over time and its usefulness to us today. We then introduce some of the esoteric principles underlying the universal laws of nature that directly influence these wave patterns. Sacred Geometry reveals the harmonic ratios of growth and proportion found all over the universe. Creative Destruction relates to a more cogent form of Darwin’s “natural selection” that assures the progression in each successive economic super-cycle.

The content in the Taboo section relates to the infrastructure that has supported the conflicted paradigm now in peril. These subjects include fiat currency, dollar hegemony, regulatory capture, and others that are willfully ignored by the mainstream financial press. They are given their due here to establish their relevance in promoting and preserving the systemic imbalances at the root of so many of our economic problems today. The content chosen was carefully selected to showcase the magnitude of the damage contributed by each one and how they collectively preserve the dysfunction in our system.

The KW & Mayan Calendar tab offers perhaps the most profound material on our site. It links the intersection of the K-Wave economic super-cycle to the Mayan Calendar grand super-cycle of human consciousness by correlating their mutual evolution through the creative destruction process. The content traces the origins of the K-Wave in the mid 1700’s at the onset of the Industrial Revolution. That is when the regional economies in the developing nation states expanded from the power applied through the industrial production process. This increased global commerce measurably and provided the source code of economic data that could be measured in wave formations that is now the basis for long wave super-cycle theory such as the K-Wave. During this same period, stock exchanges were also in their infancy and began to flourish from the same force (power). And much like the K-Wave the trading data recorded from that point provided sufficient source data that could eventually be measured in wave formations through the fractal structure found in the modern Elliott Wave Theory.

The Mayan content here reveals that something truly remarkable was occurring at this same magical time in history- human evolution was transitioning into a cycle phase enabling Power to become the dominant force driving mankind. Power would drive commerce, capital markets, military arms, and so much more. Our Mayan content also suggests that now in 2010 the economic K-Wave cycle is once again intersecting with the human evolutionary super-cycle. Both cycles have begun a dramatic cleansing period designed to shake out their negative elements to yield better prosperity and a new, more evolved new unity consciousness. Knowing such a thesis is challenging to proffer, we have provided a video by Ian Lundgold on a more refined interpretation of the Mayan calendar to bridge this gap as well as an overview of the pyramid chart seen on each page. This material also relates the K-Wave and Mayan super-cycles to the 2012 enigma now capturing the attention of so many people.

The remaining tabs address how we can evolve out of this economic winter. The Kondratieff Spring accounts for the range of transformative processes that unfold in the renewal phase. Prosperity Solutions offers some concrete proposals to re-tool our economic infrastructure to better serve everyone. Also included is selected material from the readings of Edgar Cayce that offer meaningful perspective and guidance for global economics and commerce. Cayce warned that a “great leveling” must occur for us to realize our prosperity and that the US must lead this process. The flow of the material on the tabs from left to right was designed to guide our readers in seeing an expanded view of today’s events so they can better adapt to the radical change already underway.