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Mayan Calendar and the Kondratieff Winter

The Risks of Believing that the Mayan Calendar ends December 21, 2012!

This article by Dr.Carl Calleman can be found at, a site devoted to an interpretation of the Mayan calendar wholly unique to other sources attempting to explain its significance. But you may now wonder- what in the world does the Mayan calendar have to do with the Kondratieff Wave? More than you could possibly imagine.

The Mayan calendar has intrigued me to no end for a number of years, and like others I have soaked up all I could about this fascinating subject. I was well aware of their keen sense of cycles in time so when I launched this site two years ago I included material in the Esoteric section making reference to a link between the Mayans and economic super-cycles through the Mayan jubilee ceremony that erased debts and essentially re-booted their economy every 52 years (basically the same period as our K-Wave). But not until I came across the collaboration between the late Ian Lundgold and Dr. Carl Calleman was I able to make sense of what the Mayans were trying to communicate to our generation.

Their message is as profound as anything ever recorded in human history and has its roots in the keen sense the Mayans had over cycles in time. However, the Mayans were not actually measuring time as we know it but rather the cycles of evolution of human consciousness that progress in a rather orderly fashion over billions of years. All other sources relating the interpretation of the Mayan calendar I know of are much almost exclusively focused on the planetary and galactic alignments coinciding with the end date of the long count December 21, 2012. Calleman argues the real end date is sooner and that it’s far more important to focus on the process leading up to it, instead of the drama of the 2012 date now being so sensationalized by some alternative media sources. He makes the case for the 2011 date and asks everyone to consider for themselves the impact of the historical progression shown by the calendar so they can now take the right steps.

One such step is to consider the implications for the capital markets, and incredibly this article contains a chart that predicts timing and trajectory of the next major drop in the markets as predicted by the Mayan calendar. Naturally, to understand the truth behind something so profound one would have to invest some time in reading about the methodology behind this calendar to be able to ascertain its efficacy and relevance. However, it is made a bit easier when the calendar forces you to reconcile whether its accuracy over the millennia can just be explained away by millions of coincidences within such an orderly logistical framework. Fortunately, it’s not too much of a stretch at all. Its message is clear- we will endure a catharsis relatively soon that will serve as the dark before the dawn, so to speak. But what a dawn it will be!

I urge our readers to invest time to research this so they can decide its relevance for themselves. To that end, I have recently added in the Kondratieff Winter Survival Guide section a DVD from Lundgold that I feel is the best one to get the whole picture. It was made just months before he died a few years ago and I found it to be the most complete and cogent one he made. Hopefully, it will resonate with our readers and provide them with some much needed wisdom to make sense of this increasingly dynamic period of time we are all witnessing.

MUST READ! The Risks of Believing that the Mayan Calendar ends December 21, 2012!