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The Kondratieff Spring Cycle

This section was added to give our readers a glimpse of what the next cycle phase of the Kondratieff Wave- the Kondratieff Spring- will look like and offer some hope that it may arrive sooner than we expect and usher in a new era of prosperity for us all. We wish to remain as forward-looking as possible in the approach to our content.

Why should we concern ourselves today with this spring phase when we are now just trying to survive this ugly winter? The answer lies in our own expectations and our outlook, for they are critical in shaping our individual and national prosperity. Anyone fixated on the hardships of today is less able to forge their path to prosperity because their energies are wasted. (I can attest to this myself.)

It is my belief and sincere hope that if we can better appreciate the key dynamics of these long wave super-cycles then we can know the prosperity around the corner is inevitable. Since that very belief now seems so elusive I added this section to focus more on the positive elements of the K- Wave. I wanted to show our readers that this K-Wave can be equally useful in allowing us to prepare for good or bad times. In 2007, few were aware that a steep fall was looming. Web searches for “Kondratieff Winter” were then few in number but have risen sharply in the past year as the reality of winter has set in.

The long term prosperity curve is decidedly sloped upward, as evidenced by a chart of US stocks since the late 1700’s. It shows our wealth and prosperity does increase over time, albeit in cycle patterns that can be volatile and unpredictable. But if you were to overlay the long-term Kondratieff Wave onto that stock chart, something quite amazing becomes clear. The K-Wave has a beautiful, symmetrical wave pattern that has peaks and valleys at near the same levels over very nearly the same intervals while the stock chart slopes ever higher than the wave over time. This is because these boom-bust cycles of destruction and renewal create the means for the innovation and refinement that takes us to a relatively higher level of prosperity. We have always endured each winter’s bottom only to see much better times ahead. Sure enough, our prosperity is not evenly shared and our next renewal will also leave much to be desired. But for those who now seem content to experience tough times for many years, I would urge them to consider the merits of the material in this section carefully.

There are many promising developments on the horizon that will manifest during the next Kondratieff Spring. We can expect the dramatic productivity gains from the autumn cycle to continue as many of our budding technologies reach the critical mass needed to crystallize their effect on the masses. Some of these technologies are in the areas of biotechnology, nanotechnology, and healthcare. Perhaps the greatest gains will be made in the field of energy, now one of our most expensive capital inputs into business or residential use. The green revolution will wean our dependence on fossil fuels and it is very possible that some forms of the free energy (counter-rotational torsion waves) that Tesla discovered over 100 years ago will become available. We will now and forever live in an era of Moore’s Law that provides gains to expand in geometric instead of linear terms. Many new areas are soon set to reach the critical mass needed for those gains and will flourish in the Kondratieff Spring.

The internet is still in its relative infancy as a communication medium and will surely continue to transform the way all peoples of the world communicate. As communication improves to a point where it can have an instant effect globally, the greater consciousness of humanity will become ever more homogenous over time. Things are really getting better all the time but for reasons that may not seem apparent now because it is difficult for most people to grasp the sheer magnitude of the paradigm shift that will emerge from this fourth Kondratieff Winter. The articles in this section have been carefully selected to give our readers a glimpse of this paradigm shift and showcase just how wonderful it will be. Such content is better digested gradually to appreciate in full. In consideration of this material, I would urge everyone to keep an open mind and allow your intuitive senses more latitude than normal over your rational mind. Please don’t let the trying times we face today block the sunshine just over the horizon. The creative destruction process unleashed during the Kondratieff Winter does have a happy ending.

2012 and the Kondratieff Spring

What I have described above is a basic account of the typical Kondratieff Spring cycle. However this next spring cycle, the fifth one in the modern era, will be quite unlike anything the world has ever seen. I suggest this because this spring cycle coincides with an inflection point marking the sharpest advance in human consciousness in world history.Thus, the economic prosperity seen in this spring cycle will be the best ever seen.

Much of the material in our Esoteric and KW Survival Guide sections support this theme and point to a spectacular new paradigm on the horizon that will leverage human harmony and cooperation like never before. Altogether, the material suggests that human evolution will expand at a quantum rate in the years leading up to 2012 and beyond. A growing number of humans will discover the oneness of the universe and the illusion of the material dimension that now dominates the present consciousness. As more grasp the “higher truths” of the universal laws of nature, truly fantastic developments are certain to unfold. With less interference and conflict, capital can be better deployed for higher resource utilization to help the billions of people who now live in poverty.

The material also reveals that the true purpose of the Mayan Calendar was to project the progress of human evolution through a deliberate cyclical progression over millions of years. The higher creative forces have been working to elevate human consciousness for eons and we are now approaching a very critical period of this mega super-cycle. According to the Mayans, in 2010 we are now in the transition from the Planetary cycle to the Galactic cycle. In the preceding cycle, the predominant driver of human evolution was Power, and now this is giving way to the primary driver of the current cycle- Ethics. We can now see evidence of this on a daily basis with the flood of headlines trumping this theme each day. The final cycle of the calendar ends in December 2012 when human consciousness enters the Universal cycle that allows our minds greater abilities to shape our own realities. Because of these profound truths, I believe the next spring cycle will be more wonderful than we can imagine and more likely than we dare to believe.

So how might such a transformation take hold, and what kind of changes are we likely to see? I have provided a glimpse for our readers courtesy of one of my favorite sources for such content- They have reported that many of these incredible developments are already underway. Certain powerful and high-minded groups are now or soon will be doing these great deeds:

  • Construction of massive free energy facilities to remove salt from sea water and use the resulting fresh water to turn the deserts green;
  • Paying the world’s deep sea fishing fleets to stop fishing for several years to allow replenishment;
  • Cleaning up the world’s most polluted sites using zeolite, an abundant mineral that absorbs toxic substances;
  • Use existing anti-gravity technology to provide transportation without carbon emissions;
  • Developing technologies that use water as fuel, convert radioactive waste into stable condition, manufacturing new elements and isotopes from cheap materials, make motors of higher power that use less electricity, and perhaps most crucial of all- using torsion field technology developed by Tesla to create free energy for the planet.

What few realize is that much of these technologies have been available for decades but suppressed by groups that would have stood to lose from their deployment. Clearly, the developments stated above are not fully possible under our present political, social, or economic platforms. But they will be soon. Just the mere reflection upon these profound changes now taking place can stir our imagination to ponder the positive changes that will mark the next spring cycle.