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Prosperity Solutions for this Kondratieff Winter

Prosperity Solutions

With the havoc of an economic winter upon us, the need for sustainable reform of our economic and political systems has never been greater. But at the root of the dysfunction of these systems is wholesale ignorance by our leaders and the public about certain principles of societal and economic planning that should be at the core of public policy decision making. Chief among these principles is the very cyclical nature of all that transpires on Earth.

Most of our citizens and leaders in business, education and government have clearly been naïve and comatose to the impact that cycles play in so many areas our daily life- economic, social and political. Edward Dewey, perhaps the true father of cycle theory, stated that any science developed in the absence of cycles is manifestly incomplete. His magnum opus Cycles: The Science of Prediction written in the 1930’s also included several transformative and empirically proven concepts that have to date been largely ignored by a Western philosophy still rooted in the Dark Ages of pure materialism.

A central tenet of his work is that all of the cycles of the universe that are outside the earth directly correlate and impact cycles on our earth. He also published studies of the effect of sunspot activity upon markets and major events and showed that a wide range of unrelated organisms had cycles that were highly synchronized. Nature is indeed coherent throughout seemingly random events across the globe and throughout time, i.e. there are no coincidences. We need a better command of this principle if we are to plan the most optimal path for our future. To date modern society has failed miserably in accounting for this concept, and this failure is at the core of many of our most pressing problems, especially in economics. Amazingly, anything remotely proffered under cosmic principles is usually scorned and deemed unprovable despite evidence to the contrary..

With this backdrop in place, the Prosperity Solutions section features content along these lines and also practical in its applications. We felt an approach stressing long wave cycle theory could best enhance the bigger picture through the works of special visionaries that developed profound solutions during the last economic winter have been to date ignored by so called” academics” and our leaders. These visionaries- Dewey, Cayce, Schumpter, and of course Kondratieff and others all have three things in common-they are still largely unknown to most, have been misunderstood by others, and also represent the “best in breed” of an extraordinary group of advanced thinkers. We hope our readersfind their works compelling and are inspired to take action to reform our conflicted and misguided policies with solutions more like the substance found in their works.