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Astrology and the K-Wave



(written November 2007)

June 1, 2010

Astrology and the Kondratieff Wave

The impact of planetary movements upon the stock market and economic cycles has been debated for years with passion on all fronts. The materialist argument holds that only measurable economic events and trends hold sway over the markets, while others argue those very events are in fact swayed by the broader forces exerted by celestial bodies. But the materialist argument over the cause-effect crumbles when faced with overwhelming empirical evidence supporting that planetary movements greatly influence everything on earth- especially economic cycles and the capital markets. In fact, this empirical evidence is so strong it would hold up under the scrutiny of the scientific method of analysis- the very standard long the hallmark feature of the materialist mindset.

The impact of the heavenly forces is indeed prohibitive and predictable, to an extent. This comes via the abundance of order and lawfulness permeating the intelligent design throughout the universe. This order can be best seen in certain dramatic periods of history that define its intention. These themes repeat in much the same way in successive cycles over time, and not by coincidence. Through the ages certain alignments occur during times of devastation (1930’s) as well during times of great advances (colonial America). This CAN be established because history is replete with these patterns. The more one looks back through history, the harder it is to dismiss these patterns as pure coincidence.

The basis for such a well-calibrated order of cyclical progression lies in our need for to evolve by continually facing and conquering new challenges to more fully evolve. Each planet and constellation represents one or more modalities designed to influence certain aspects of human emotion that can foster individual and group soul growth. Thus, the ever changing interplay between these forces presents opportunities (and pitfalls too)for humans to evolve. So fittingly, as we now enter the late stages of the present K- Winter, we are also entering a period marking the most intense and turbulent planetary alignments ever seen. So let’s trace the path of these upcoming events to get a better idea of how these forces may intersect with the path of this fourth Kondratieff Winter.

The summer of 2010 is certainly the defining transition in the maturing phases of the K-Winter and human evolution super-cycle periods. Listed below are some of the upcoming major planetary conjunctions sure to shake the world:

Presently, we are in the eighteen year cycle of Pluto in Capricorn (11/26/08-1/21.24). This cycle marks the most amazing period of transformation the modern world has ever seen. To make our readers fully aware of its awesome implications, I have included a short video here that illuminates the significance of this period. Pluto is the planet of transformation and destroyer of all unethical systems. Bankruptcy and default are particularly the domain of Pluto and the last time this conjunction appeared was in the early 1930’s when they both were occurring on a daily basis.

Capricorn is the builder and is deeply rooted in the material world through control of the political and banking systems that have built our society. The bottom line is this- any systems now ruled by Capricorn, such as banking, money creation, or other government agencies that are not rooted in ethics are soon to be destroyed by a ruthless Pluto. Pluto uncovers the darkness wherever it hides and will expose a number of people and institutions for unethical behavior. Ethics is paramount when Pluto rules, and this coincides precisely with the Mayan Calendar material we have provided here that underscores that our transition from Power to Ethics is on schedule. The final thrust into this new age is already underway as anyone can see from the headlines each day. But in the coming weeks and months, the pace will intensify as never before. Below are some key dates in this transformative process that will surely be marked with havoc:

May 28th- Uranus enters Aries- this six year cycle last appeared during the 1930’s at the peak of the Great Depression- surprise, surprise. This cycle represents incredible, dramatic, unpredictable change, an “anything goes” belief system on what may transpire, impulsive, energetic energies seeking their climax, and much more. In previous cycles, this six year period is regarded as the “Great Awakener” for obvious reasons.

June 5th Saturn opposes Jupiter and Uranus. Saturn is synonymous with large-scale impact and this conjunction serves to expand upon existing conditions.

June 6th Jupiter enter Aries- Indicating a build-up of large energies that are primarily aggressive.

June 26th lunar eclipse precedes Capricorn conjoining Pluto to activate a grand cross involving the sun, Pluto, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. This alignment kicks off a three year grand cross cycle marking unprecedented change all over the globe. This lasts only one week but is likely to ignite civil unrest stronger than ever as tensions mount between the government and the people. Three of the four elements of this cross remain until 2012.

July 30th Mars and Saturn oppose Uranus- Implications of military strike as Mars, the planet of war, is squared against Uranus. Government intervention into civilian life possible (martial law).

August 6th Cardinal Grand Cross- Jupiter and Uranus into Aries combined with Pluto in Capricorn, Moon in early Cancer, and Mars and Saturn in early Libra. Extraordinary alignment with significant implications such as the electricity grid threatened possibly by solar flares.

Surely, the summer of 2010 promises to be marked by tribulation through social conflict and upheaval. The combination of scale, intensity, and conflict unleashed by these celestial forces will be hard for many to comprehend yet are still necessary for our evolution.

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