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Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry Explained – Historical and Mathematical Background of the Wave Principle

MUST READ! Historical & Mathematical Background of the Wave Principal

The following chapter is from Robert Prechter’s book Elliott Wave Principle and gives perhaps the finest account of the nature of sacred geometry I’ve ever seen. It is crucial to understand all about sacred geometry because it is the best tool for understanding the mathematical relationships connecting everything in the universe. Understanding sacred geometry allows one to better appreciate the patterns of nature all around us and better able to forecast the future of the capital markets. Sacred geometry is the very foundation of the Kondratieff Wave and the Elliott Wave theories.

In a mere eleven pages Prechter traces the roots of sacred geometry through the greatest mathematician and intellectual genius you have probably never heard of- Leonardo Fibonacci. He founded some of greatest mathematical discoveries of all time yet is hardly known today. Among his contributions are the decimal system, the golden ratio (phi) and the Fibonacci sequence. Until his discovery of the decimal system in the thirteenth century, merchants had great difficulty in calculating transactions within the Roman numeral system and his decimal system enabled greater commerce to be transacted. We take this for granted today but it was a great innovation in the Middle Ages.

His magnum opus Liber Abacci was first published in the early thirteenth century and it provided the methodology and significance inherent in sacred geometry. The Fibonacci sequence measures the naturally recurring patterns of expansion and contraction of growth throughout the universe. The golden ratio measures the ideal proportional relationships with everything in the universe from our human bodies to the buildings we construct. Wave structures of all kinds can be measured and interpreted using this knowledge, and Prechter goes on to articulate how this sacred geometry is the prevailing force underlying his approach to measuring wave formations over time. The stock market is the single greatest measure of sacred geometry to be found anywhere because the wave patterns are the result of literally trillions of human decisions that have been made over many years.

Aside from providing a mathematical tool to forecast the capital markets, sacred geometry also provides a wonderful glimpse into the symmetry, lawfulness, and oneness within the universe. This brief material is a must read for everyone!

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