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Ian Lundgold's Overview of the True Purpose of the Mayan Calendar

Note: If you are having trouble viewing the video, it is also available on YouTube. Since the total running time is approximately 2 hours, the video has been split into 13 separate parts.

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Ian Lundgold’s Overview of the Real Meaning of the Mayan Calendar

The video attached below is a two hour presentation by Ian Lundgold done shortly before he died in late 2005. In his last performance, which I found to be the best of all of his videos, he graces us with wisdom from the elders into a message of hope that can help us makes sense and cope with the unprecedented change just over the horizon.

I chose to include this material here to underscore a central theme of this site- to promote the idea that we can benefit from the “creative destruction” associated with this Kondratieff Winter more than we can imagine and it really won’t be as bad as we fear. Lundgold makes that case here by showing us that each successive “creative destruction” cycle over time has been milder. The first one that occurred 62 million years ago almost destroyed the planet and did result in the extinction of the dinosaurs. We will fare much better this cycle because of the progressive nature of these cycles.

Lundgold reveals that the real magic of the Mayans- their mastery of cycles- was not rooted in time but marked by the measure of the evolution of human consciousness over time. There is a difference and he makes the connection by contrasting the Mayan view of time measured by cycles with our Gregorain calendar time measured by movement of physical objects He then traces human evolution in stages referred to as underworlds that were designed to prepare us for the quantum leap into singularity just ahead. Each stage has 13 periods (seven days, six nights) having similar themes that are repeated over the ages with each cycle completed twenty times faster than the one before it. He shows that history repeats itself because it has been hard-wired that way from the very beginning through a divine plan designed to trigger our evolution in a gradual, linear fashion until the transition to the next underworld stage. It is at these transitions when evolution accelerates at a spontaneous rate that produces transformative change. The Mayan Calendar concludes in 2012 when the final underworld shift has been completed.

What I am trying to show our readers here is the specific link between the Kondratieff Wave and the Mayan Calendar. I would assert that they intersect precisely at the shift from the National Underworld, marked by the development of Law, to the Planetary Underworld ruled by Power. This transition occurred at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in the mid 1700’s, just as the Kondratieff Wave originated through the introduction of power to national economies. Before power was applied factors of production, economics and capital markets were simple and predominantly local structures. Power gave them critical mass and enabled nations to establish mercantile and then global markets, resulting in wave patterns that could now be measured over time.

The Mayan Calendar (shown below in the exhibit) proposes that in early 1999, the shift from Power to Ethics began and will be completed by early 2011. Of course, we see this unfolding each day as more and more as the abuses of power come to light in the form of Bernie Madoff, Wall Street greed, government corruption, and so on. These events all serve to facilitate this transition from Power to Ethics. We must remember that this prophecy, only recently uncovered and understood by so few, has been remarkably accurate in revealing how humans will evolve for centuries. What are the implications for the financial markets when this comes to pass as Power finally gives way to Ethics as the defining feature of this period? It would reason that such a change must impact the greatest number of people to be so transformative as to raise the consciousness of all of humanity. Thus, it is my belief that it is likely to transform the global financial banking and currency systems more than the stock markets because the impact of reforming paper money and banking would be felt by nearly everyone on the planet. Of course, the capital markets would also be affected, but more good could be done for humans by reforming the banking and money creation functions that have been run by the ruling elite since the very beginning of modern capitalism.

We have also added a rather fascinating chapter that frames the insidious nature in which fiat currency has been applied to our markets and economies by the ruling elite since the mid-1700’s. Titled Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, it shows how Meyer Rothschild’s “energy discovery” in the mid 18th century provided the basis for the fiat currency system now as omnipotent as ever. Rothschild discovered that all economies, money systems, and markets operate within our third dimension paradigm and were governed by the forces of electromagnetism that flowed in a current in much the same way electricity flows to a capacitor. He also realized (more likely channeled) that the passive energy components to those flows could be manipulated without anyone being the wiser. I would encourage those interested to read it and decide for themselves if our present system is based upon these forces and if so does it best serve our collective interests.

I believe we are now in the final throes of a twisted yet brilliant fiat currency scheme begun in the 1760’s by Meyer Rothschild. It has gained more power and influence over time and is now the standard of all modern industrial nations and in recent times further advanced through the marvels of electronic supercomputers. The magnitude and sphere of its impact on our daily lives cannot be overstated. But as Lundgold proclaimed, “We are on a schedule” referring to the Mayan’s interpretation of our evolution, and that schedule would indicate that soon a bell will toll for our global fiat currency system that is thoroughly interlinked within fractional reserve banking. We must recognize that the current system that floods the world with US dollars and mandates that the savings and production of other nations support our reckless debt and military hegemony is indeed unsustainable. If you believe that Power is giving way to Ethics, it makes sense these changes will happen.