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Power Seeds The K-Wave

MUST READ! Fractal time line chart of the K-Wave

How the Mayan Calendar’s 7th Wave (POWER) gave birth to the Kondratieff Wave. A fractal “unified field” theory linking the bookends of two grand super-cycles. Nothing relating to grand super-cycles is an accident. Ever wondered why the K-Wave cycles originated in the mid to late 18th century? Why then, and why does that matter anyway? Because much can be gleaned from the answers to these questions that is profound. Here’s why it matters.

The conditions to measure economic and stock market data simply weren’t sufficiently large or broad enough before this period to provide the anecdotal basis for meaningful measurement of their waves. Before then commerce around the world was limited primarily to the local exchange of goods and services. But in the mid-18th century production and consumption grew at a pace far, far greater than any time in history. The sudden explosion brought on by the Industrial Revolution changed everything. In a relatively brief span of 20-30 years, inventions and innovations occurred all over Europe and America that transformed human society as never before. Why, and why then?

Because in that period there was something very special in the air- or in the ether, actually. It’s meaning can only be grasped through the context of the Mayan Calendar chart shown throughout our site. This pyramid chart reveals the nine wave levels that have shaped human consciousness over the eons and you can see that the 7th wave near the top of the pyramid began in 1755 was noted for bringing Power to the forefront of the human condition. And that is in fact what transpired from 1755 on- Power was applied to nearly every aspect of human culture. Power was given to writing by the telegraph, power was given to spoken words by the telephone, power was applied to machinery through the steam engine, and so on. Through these applications power was given to commerce through the industrial process (steam engine, refinement of steel alloys, electricity, telegraph, telephone, etc. and from this the GDP of developed countries grew exponentially and the resulting data formed the basis for measuring the waves of long wave economic theory.

The power applied across the spectrum took on tangible forms such as weapons evolving from muskets to nuclear warheads as well as intangible forms. For example, power was given to the people in the form of individual liberties granted under the US Constitution, only to be usurped through the power bestowed to corporations in a series of Supreme Court decisions in the late 19th century. I have attached a schematic timeline charting this progression to provide our readers an overview of its evolution. It shows the direct intersection between the bookends of these two grand super-cycles- the Kondratieff Wave and the Mayan calendar- to illustrate how the cosmic influences charted in the Mayan pyramid chart directly influenced the actions of humans measured through the economic and stock market data charted by the K-Wave and Elliott Wave. The correlation is so acute and profound it cannot be so easily dismissed. Let’s examine in some detail how this took shape through the eye of Carl Calleman’s interpretation of the MC .

Career scientist Dr. Carl Calleman was able to decipher in recent years one key aspect of the Mayan code that had been ignored by some of the Mayan elders. The truth is that there are several Mayan Calendars and each one represents one aspect of the laws of the universe, but the one Calleman uncovered may be the most relevant of them all- the Mayan code of the evolution of human consciousness. Our readers are welcome to view Ian Lundgold’s video in this section to get more insight on this profound worldview. I was fortunate to attend a recent lecture by Lundgold colleague Dr. Calleman that showcased the exquisite splendor of its intelligent design. It enabled me to conquer the elusive “missing link” that relates the crucial cause-effect dynamics of this mysterious code. The blueprint of such a code is so intricate that it demands a richer account which will be provided here in a few weeks.

So let’s now tackle the meat of how these two super-cycles are related. Above is a crude chart I recently created that integrates all the elements of my “unified field” theory linking these super-cycles together. The timeline begins during the Renaissance when the spirit of human advancement was evident for the first time in over 1000 years. Yet as Calleman tells us, the catalyst for this rather sudden change came from a source far away from the friendly confines of our beloved Earth- the very center of our universe. Calleman’s lecture thesis indicates that a defined energy flow emerged from there in 1617 that would directly impact human activities from then to the ones now playing out before us today.

This period from 1617-2011 was referred to by the Mayan code as the 13th Heaven, a span of some 400 years that would be marked by a prohibitive tilt from the passive approach of the past 400 years. This period, the 12th Heaven, was marked by a dominance of the right side of the human hemispheric modality while the 13th Heaven is tilted towards a decidedly left side mentality enraptured with reason, individuality, materialism, etc. – hence the onset and dominance of capitalism. Calleman establishes with great ease the notion of how natural this process really is at its core. It flows. It resonates. It feels right.

The 13th heaven incited the capitalist spirit through an infectious acceleration of the pursuit of individual gains. This acceleration peaked temporarily in the early 18th century when speculation by some individuals created the first modern stock bubble- the South Seas bubble of 1719-20. Not coincidentally, John Law’s Mississippi scheme falter the same year for the same reason- it was a ponzi scheme enabled by the most advanced fiat currency scheme ever to date. Both schemes cost investors their entire holdings in a period of just several months that was preceded by a rise of over 10,000 percent in that stock. Just like any modern ponzi scheme, it seems to work just fine until the day it suddenly doesn’t.

With the hindsight of reflection today in 2010, we can now see why this happened, and why it happened THEN. It was because this period represented the very tail end of the last grand super-cycle in global economics. Although everything of the day could be considered quite crude by today’s terms, the enduring pattern is of this archetype is undeniable- stock bubbles occurring at the tail end of grand super-cycles are quite spectacular.

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